Eternity bands have been used for approximately 4,000 years and remain as one of the most powerful symbols of love you can find. While diamond eternity rings are often purchased as an anniversary or birthday present, they also make ideal bridal jewelry.  

An eternity band with inlaid stones is one of the most common choices although the three stone ring (a stone each for past, present and future) is also a fantastic option. Diamonds remain the gemstone of choice but you can buck the trend and try another precious stone. With so many options to choose from, I’ve decided to offer a concise guide to purchasing diamond eternity bands. 

Picking the Right Stone 

I mentioned the 4C’s in a previous post and would like to elaborate further here when it comes to picking the perfect gemstone.


  • Color: The color of diamonds is graded from D-Z with D-F the most valuable. Grade K diamonds tend to be a little dull and yellow but Grade Z diamonds are also expensive as they are extremely yellow. 

  • Cut: Certain grades of cut can only be achieved with specific shapes so bear      this in mind before picking your diamond. The Brilliant cut for example      creates various facets (surfaces) and helps the diamond look brighter. For      example the best available cut for your round Diamond is termed XXX or      triple X. Your Diamond report will mention Excellent Cut, Excellent Symmetry and Excellent Polish hence the triple X. This is the most sought after grade of cut for your diamond and will ensure that your diamond will light up the room with its internal Fire.

  • Clarity: This scale runs from least valuable I3 (included) up to FL (flawless) as the most valuable. Diamonds beyond the SI grade lose value very quickly as      they have a larger number of visible imperfections.

  • Carat: The heavier the diamond, the more it will cost you!

There are also synthetic and simulated gems. Synthetic gems have the same physical properties as the real thing but are made artificially. Simulated gems look exactly like the real thing but don’t have the same physical properties as real gems.  

Choosing Metal 

There are a host of options including:  

  • Silver: The least expensive of the three precious metals but it is prone to oxidation which could stain your fingers.

  • Gold: Usually measured from 9-24 carats, gold is a classic choice with 24 carat gold the real thing. You can choose yellow, white (mixing yellow gold      & white metal alloys) and rose (mixing pure gold & copper) gold.

  • Platinum: Platinum is the most expensive of its group which actually contains six metals including palladium, rhodium and iridium.

  • Titanium: This is another durable and affordable metal that can be tinted.


It can be awkward if, like a lot of men, you don’t know your wife’s ring size! You can use online size charts using a ring from her jewelry box and she will never be any the wiser! If you think you’ve got it wrong and may need the ring resized, please remember that stainless steel and titanium rings are extremely difficult to resize. 

Plan Ahead! 

You need to be ready well in advance so shop around and nail down that bargain if you see it. I advise you to learn more about diamond eternity bands because the more knowledge you have, the better your chances of finding something truly special. It also gives you more time to get the right size and to have the ring engraved. 

If your would-be bride knows about your intentions, don’t hesitate to ask her assistance because together, you could find a diamond eternity band that signifies your love as you look to be together for ‘eternity’.