For lovers of jewelry, there are few better feelings in the world than having the opportunity to choose a custom made engagement ring. While there are hundreds of fabulous, readymade rings on offer, getting the chance to create your own work of art with personal meaning really is something special. As an added bonus, you might even get to keep within your budget! However, there are 3 important things to consider when looking at custom jewelry design.


1 – Style First and foremost, you have to remember that the style of engagement ring must fit the personality of the bride. You can combine a ring setting with another ring band and your choice of precious stones. An example would be a solitaire diamond set against yellow gold. When you choose this customized bridal jewelry, you can be sure that no one else has the exact same ring. 

2 – Budget No self-respecting man ever wants to be accused of being a cheapskate by his soon-to-be wife! However, you have to set a realistic budget for your engagement ring and having it customized ensures you remain in control. This means you can tighten the purse strings a little or alternatively, you can go wild with gold and precious gems! The main thing to remember is that during the process, you are involved every step of the way. You can pick the metal, the size of the gemstones and even the purity of these stones. When you customize your engagement ring, you can tailor the design to meet your budget rather than the other way around.  

3 – Size Finally, with a customized engagement ring, you get to choose how large or small it is. You might decide to go for a large yet low quality diamond or else you may prefer a smaller diamond of premium quality. Again, the choice will depend on the style of your bride. She might want an ostentatious rock or a more demure option. In conclusion, choosing an engagement ring is something you’ll only do once (hopefully). Therefore, it is important to get it right. If you look through and don’t see anything you like, get in touch with me and outline your desires for customized bridal jewelry. When you take a trip to New York’s Diamond District, you’ll quickly learn that customizing an engagement ring is quicker and easier than you ever imagined.