About - Bambino Jewelry

Bambino Jewelry, designed and created with love, for you.

Whether you are looking for diamond rings, wedding bands or a birthday present, there
is no better way to celebrate a remarkable day than with a truly unique jewelry piece.
Bambino Jewelry’s expert jewelry designers take it upon themselves to provide you with
the best, highest of quality and most creative pieces of treasure in all of the world.
Based in the great borough of Manhattan, our shipping services will be able to provide
you an easy reach to our best and most unique engagement rings, wedding rings and
other one of a kind gold and silver items. We offer a high variety of bridal jewelry as well
as rings for women for all occasions and events.
Each gold ring, silver band & unique jewelry item is made with the TLC (tender, love &
care) of our New York City studio jewelers. We see jewelry as a way to bring joy to
people’s hearts, and we take our time when making special items like wedding bands or
engagement rings, as we know that these are items that are meant to last you a lifetime.
“People forget how fast you did a job – but they remember how well you did it” is
somewhat of a motto for Bambino Jewelry workers, so we urge our staff to always work
with care and take their time, because work of art takes
time. We know that by spending more time on each piece we could possibly lose revenue, and we are aware that there are other ways to do what we’re doing. Jewelers these days often chose to use outside services to do the “dirty work” for them, while using cheaper materials in their work to make wedding rings and women’s jewelry in a larger quantities. However, we prefer to lose a chunk of the market, while staying true to our hearts with high quality craftsmanship, metals and handmade items.
That is the main reason why you won’t find “standard production lines” in our online
jewelry store. We take our time, because our unique jewelry pieces are timeless, meant
to be passed down for generations to come.
We often find ourselves in a dilemma. When creating our diamond and gold jewelry, we are
caught in the same dilemma that every Jewelry store faces desire to make something unique
and artistic VS the current jewelry trend. With that being said, once we founded Bambino
Jewelry our dilemma was solved, We don't believe that making trendy disposable jewelry
is the way. The jewelry world doesn’t need another Pandora, it needs love and a mind
that can create unique jewelry items that women would just be HAPPY to receive.
Our production efforts are made while keeping the environment in mind, protecting this
Earth and using all of its resources responsibly, ethically & beautifully.
If you are looking for the most unique jewelry online, for a jeweler that can create the
engagement ring your future wife will wear, or any golden gift for your special someone. We
hope you will find what you need with us. Bambino Jewelry is a family owned
business, and we take pride of our reputation as Manhattan’s top jewelry store.
We truly thank you for visiting our jewelry store!

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